Good Boy’s pears are grown at Otaki Orchards' 6 hectares, close to Kuku Beach in the Horowhenua Region. There are two orchards side by side, growing Packham, Bosc and Taylor’s Gold varieties.

 Season: March to July


Good Boy apples are grown in Hastings, Hawke's Bay - we have Royal Gala, Granny Smith, New Zealand Rose, New Zealand Queen, Fuji and Cripps Pink.

 Season: February to August


Matt & Robyn Walford (and their daughters) grow their blueberries under cover on a wide curve of the Whangaehu River, with views towards Mt Ruapehu.

Season: December to January

Oranges and Lemons

Good Boy oranges and lemons are grown by the Good Boy citrus grower group across the Gisborne region, from Wairoa to Poverty Bay and Tolaga Bay. As each orchard’s fruit matures, they are packed and delivered to market, full of the sweet tartness that Gisborne’s warm days, cold nights and fertile soil delivers.

Season: July to December


Tetsuya grows his grapes in Clive, Hawke’s Bay. He brings generations of traditional Japanese grape growing techniques to New Zealand for the first time. Tetsuya’s skills – and Hawke’s Bay’s plentiful sunshine, ideal soil and gentle sea breeze - enable him to produce grapes (or 'Budou' in Japan) unlike anything we have seen in New Zealand before. Varieties on offer are Black Hamburg (red), Buffalo (red), Niagara (green).

Season: February to March


Earle and Hannah McIntosh grow the sweet tasting Apollo and Opal Star feijoas for Good Boy. Their orchard sits on the loamy soil of the Hauraki Plains. They don’t spray insecticides on their fruit, preferring natural, organic oils to manage insects. Fruit is touch-picked so it comes off the tree with a gentle tug when it’s in perfect condition to pack and ship to market. It’s perfectly sweet and ready to eat.

Season: March to May